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Always Available

In today’s cost-conscious environment, all process plants are realizing that the management of mechanical seals’ stock and the maintenance of equipment that contains it can lead to significant unit cost reductions.This value-based approach has been incorporated into partnership programs between our client and company. In a partnership agreement, company agrees to stock most, if not all products, of mechanical seals that are using in client’s plant with fractional cost. We will provide an automated solution for communicating information such as stock availibility. At the same time we were looking to provide our client and distributor with detailed visibility across all custom mechanical seals stock and standard item stock via web-based formats. Sealwise will provide that cost-effective connectivity and centralised source of information and manage cost that simply cannot be achieved through traditional means such as the manual exchange of emails, faxes and phone calls.

Strategic Alliance

We believe in partnership. From our experience, mechanical seals is one of the most sophisticated device of mechanical equipment in process plant. Survey of pump populations carried out over a period of years in the USA suggest that  the basic causes of mechanical seals failure and their relative importance stated that only 10% of mechanical seals failure  are caused by the mechanical seals themselves. The rest are operating problem, mechanical difficulties, faulty fluid circuit design and miscellaneous causes.
The Strategic Alliance program is a long-term commitment by the company and the distributor to solve problems and to reduce clients’ maintenance costs. You are interested in becoming our Strategic Alliance Partner, please contact us.

Focus on OEM

Sealwise is one of the leading suppliers of mechanical seals. We have provided quality products through our network of distinguished worldwide distributors.

       Our Engineering Team has combined experience in the mechanical seals industry and are ready to handle all your sealing requirements. Made from quality materials, our product line meets all OEM specifications. Sealwise mechanical seals promise longer life, reduce down time, and provide reliable performance.
Our product lines can replace all mechanical seals in market. We offer a wide selection of seal designs and various configuration of materials of construction. Typical Sealwise’s mechanical seal installations include centrifugal and rotary pumps, agitator, petrochemical and turbine pumps, pulp and paper pump, swimming pool pumps and refinery pump.
Our team of customer support can assist you with seal selection and training. If you are unable to locate your answer, please send us your requirements and one of our helpful staff will be glad to assist you.

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